Visual identity for a Danish plumbing company

The project:

RørVærk is a small Danish plumbing company, founded September 2017. My job was to make the logo and slogan for the company.

The idea:

The logo is the name of the company combined with a check-mark in the middle. I have intentionally avoided using pipes and water in the logo as it is a bit overused, in my opinion. Instead I have tried to make a positive imprint on people’s minds when they see the logo. The green check-mark signals trustworthiness, quality, and good craftmanship. I have also highlighted the word: “VVS” in green to make it clear that it is a plumbing company.

I have used a stencil font to emphasize the feeling of craftmanship and toughness: “We can do anything” and “No job is too tough for us”.

The slogan, which roughly translates to “we know plumbing”, has a humorous touch in Danish. It corresponds and connects to the logo, and even if people only remember the slogan, they are likely to remember the brand afterwards. Also, plumbers, carpenters etc. have a tendency to have funny or near-funny slogans, and I couldn’t miss that chance!


The result:

The logo appears on cars, clothes, and a website.


  • Logo design
  • Branding / slogan
  • Graphics on clothes
  • Graphics on car